Returning humanity to world I Terra Ceramica

My name is Tea Radic. I live and work in Split, Croatia.
Since I have always shown an affinity for fine arts, after primary school I enrolled in the School of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture. I then continued my education at the Academy of Arts.

Although I was immersed in art almost all of my life, I started doing ceramics exclusively after finishing school at the Academy of Arts - I have a master's degree in Sculpture.

Terra is an acronym derived from my name and surname, which turned out to be quite symbolic, given the meaning. The brand name has several roles, and the most important is to denote a product or service. Terra is earth, the same as the material with which I create - clay - is earth.

The idea was to build a product that is sculptural, given my sculptural background, utilitarian, given the desire to restore humanity in a world flooded with mass production.

It is very important for me that, by handmaking, I convey my love for the process and the material, because it is what is ultimately seen and felt.

Owning a piece of pottery that is unique is something special.

I considered the impression that the cup leaves when we hold it and when we drink from it, in the very beginning the emphasis was exclusively on the shape of the cup, without printed text and painting.
I stand behind every piece that comes out of the studio, I create alone and in limited series.