We want to encourage modesty in shopping I Pepiere

Pepiere backpacks and handbags are unique handmade products that are woven from home-made corn and enriched with genuine leather accessories. The peculiarity of these products is that they are entirely Croatian products, made of Croatian materials by Croatian workers. Corn weaving is traditionally known in Croatia, especially in certain areas where corn is especially successful, so checkers and similar products have always been woven from the remnants of corn.

While my husband and I were traveling through Međimurje on one occasion, we met people who are engaged in corn knitting and at first we fell in love with this traditional craft. Since the market was already quite saturated with traditional corn checkers, we decided to make something different, that was how the Pepiere backpack, and later the handbag, were created.

Apart from the love for the Croatian tradition, we are also motivated in our work by the love for nature. All materials are natural and degradable, which we are especially proud of. We are glad that our products can stand out among many others for their special and natural materials, home-made and special design.

What we try to promote through our brand are minimalism and simplicity. Not only in style or fashion expression, but also in lifestyle. While today the world is diving, or rather "drowning" in consumerism and consumer mentality, we advocate modesty and mindful buying and spending. So we made sure that the backpack and handbag were functional, so that they could really be the only bag you would need. For example, you can carry a backpack on an evening out, but also on the beach, at work, at a lecture or anywhere else. Also, for this reason, we do not even try to follow trends, but we want the backpack to be "timeless" and independent of trends.

In this way, we try to go against the current of excessive buying and throwing away clothes and fashion accessories, which happens precisely because of the rapidly changing trends, due to which clothing and fashion accessories quickly "go out of fashion" and then their place is nowhere else but in the trash.