UNWIND Artisan Cup 250 ml

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”Owning a piece of pottery that is unique is something special”

Behind these unique cups stands a   sculptress from Croatia, Tea.  Terra is an acronym derived from her name and surname, which turned out to be quite symbolic, given the meaning. The brand name has several roles, and the most important is to denote a product or service. Terra is earth, the same as the material with which she creates - clay - is earth. 

Her idea was to build a product that is sculptural, given her sculptural background and utilitarian, given the desire to restore humanity in a world flooded with mass production. 
Tea told us that owning a piece of pottery that is unique is something special and we couldn't agree more with her. It is very important for Tea that, by handmaking, she conveys her love for the process and the material, because it is what is ultimately seen and felt. 

Each piece is unique and different from the others as each is passionately handcrafted. 


Volume: 250 ml 

Handmade ceramic cup, produced in small quantities.

Each piece is unique.

All materials are food-safe, made out of tableware clay.

Hand washing recommended.