About us

We decided to start a new business which would help us keep connected with our home-country while developing business in the UK.
We had to make a switch and start doing something that would fulfil us and take our minds off stressful situations.

FYAKA is a platform for manufacturers, designers and crafters of products made in Croatia, out of natural materials, in small quantities and mostly by hand.
Each of the products should help us unwind, as they have been specifically curated to build the world of slow-living, bringing emphasis on small things, slow moments, being mindful and present.
FYAKA comes from Croatian word fjaka which carries a similar meaning to Spanish siesta, or Italian dolce far niente. The notion of being able to do nothing, to stop and relax.

Being mindful and present, detached from worries and anxiety about other things in life. 

Not only do we all need to stop and make a pause, but we need to experience life in a slower and more mindful way. Each of the products should bring peace and help us unwind, they have been specifically curated to build the world of slow-living.

What is unique about these products is that they all come from Croatia and carry a certain tradition embedded in them.
We are here as a connection between suppliers and people who want to invest into good quality products which last and bring a special heartwarming feeling to their homes.